The History Of Baccarat

Unlike other casino games, whose origins are shrouded in mysteries, myths and legends, the birth of baccarat and its evolution followed a much more linear trend. Although there are no official confirmations, it seems that baccarat is a game of Italian origins, which has found great approval after having, so to speak, “moved” to France.

The Italian version of the name of this game is in fact baccarat, but in the passage beyond the Alps, as was normal, it took on the typical physiognomy of French terms: many words, in fact, end with a consonant that does not fit. pronounced. And baccarat is just one of them.

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We could say that it was Charles VIII, known as the Affable, the putative father of baccarat. Under his reign, which began in 1483, when he was only 13, and ended on his death fifteen years later, baccarat began to take off, especially at court. For this reason, for many years baccarat has lived surrounded by a kind of royal aura, which has placed it at a higher level than all other casino games. Probably, Charles VIII liked the game precisely because he, for a good part of his reign, was only a boy and therefore inclined to play 在线赌场 activities.

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Since its explosion, baccarat has never left gambling houses and casinos, first in Europe and then around the world. But that kind of “rich” gambling etiquette has remained with him practically to this day. With the advent of online casinos 新加坡网上赌场, and the consequent widespread use of games, baccarat has also become a popular game in the widespread sense of the term.

Baccarat has also lent itself to various “appearances” in the world of literature, cinema and even video games. As fans of Fleming’s books will know, baccarat was one of the favorite games of James Bond, the world’s most famous licensed secret agent to kill. Baccarat is the absolute protagonist of an entire book in the series, entitled Casino Royale, which was also made into a film in 1967.

The references to baccarat don’t stop there. Also in Rush Hour 3, an American action comedy, this game pops up in some scenes, where the protagonist confuses it first with blackjack, and then with poker. Finally, baccarat is also present in a video game much loved by children, entitled Team Fortress 2.

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